Wildlife and Nature Photography by Larry Gambon

Nature is my art.

I am a self taught photographer who has enjoyed taking photographs forever. Being able to capture a part of nature and bring it home has always held a fascination for me. There is art in all of nature, be it a grand landscape or a simple butterfly. I do not capture images with the eye of a journalist. I do not feel there is a need for every photograph to be spot on sharp and tingling with clarity. Some of my photographs have turned out looking almost painterly, and those I consider to be some of my most successful shots. I try to have my images tell a story and, at best, bring emotion to the scene. It is my small attempt to bring nature closer.

Nature has it's own, unknowable heart. When you go in to the woods and try to capture a bit of nature, you are at nature's mercy. There are creatures out there that consider you food and nothing more. It is cold and it is fact. There is a risk associated with every back country trek that has to be carefully calculated. Trails crumble, avalanches occur. Nature rules. But if you do venture beyond the tried and true path there are wonders out there that can bring a grown man to tears. Beauty so searing it takes your breath away...so huge it is almost incomprehensible. It is always inspirational and the creative rewards are great.

Nature has soul. If you stop sometime to watch and listen you will find nature or it will find you because it is all around you. If you are in a city you are in the nature man has wrought and I hope you get a chance to escape once in awhile. A body needs to recharge it's soul. If you are in the country, I hope you take opportunities to enjoy the wild and, especially, to take care of it. It is our most precious resource.

It is a gift to to be able to share my photography with you.

Time for me to take a hike.


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