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All of my latest images can be found here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/lgambon/

Many of my imagas can be purchased at Kaaterskill Fine Arts on Main Street in Hunter, NY.

These include framed prints , matted prints and notecards.

HORSE PLAY- This is some serious horse play. Those are scars all over this big guys hide and the other horse has just as many if not more. That hair in his mouth belongs to the loser of this bout. It is all about dominance & getting the girl. Figures.

FOX in FLIGHT-This is a composite photograph of a fox hunting in the snow. He listens for movement underneath the snowpack, rears up on his hind legs and launches himself into the air. He then does a face-plant into the snow and, hopefully, finds his next meal. I observed this guy for almost an hour on a relentless search for food. It is tough out there in winter.

I've recently been doing some freelance Architectural Photography work and have found it strangely rewarding. I very rarely photograph anything from "civilization" so I expected there to be a learning curve. The problems associated with shooting in enclosed, dark places with available light were new to me but the priciples are the same. Have a look:


Welcome to my website. Here you will find images of nature and wildlife from across the United States...and a few from Canada. They are arranged in groups but not broken down in to categories. I like the spontaneity of clicking through different animals rather than wolf after wolf or bear after bear. It is just like photographing wildlife. You just never know what you are going to run across. It is what makes wildlife photography so unpredictable.

I hope as you go through the images on this site you can see and understand the exuberance and dignity these creatures have. Whether you are predator or prey, life in the wild is a monumental struggle for survival. Life is at its most basic in the wild. Survival is the paramount issue of the day. Eating is next.

North America is not nearly as populated as one might suspect. There are vast stretches of unoccupied wilderness where nature is what it has been for tens of thousands of years. These undisturbed, natural and absolutely wild lands are ruled by nature and dominated by natural selection. These areas hold some of the most incredibly beautiful landscapes one could imagine. As you wander through this website I hope you enjoy what nature has to offer as much as I do.

_Larry Gambon

2013 Show Schedule:

November 30, 2013, 10am-4pm
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Friday, December 6, 2013, 11am-5pm
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I am a self taught photographer who photographs landscapes and wildlife...mostly. I actually photograph anything and everything I find visually compelling. I believe good photography should be an immersive experience. Ideally, you should be able to see what the photographer sees. You should be able to feel the respect and the awe and the wonder of it all.

Landscape photography is very different from wildlife photography. In fact, they are almost complete opposites. Landscape photography allows for setting up the flow and composition of a shot. It can be orchestrated, manipulated and composited. Wildlife photography is a whole different animal (pun intended). Animals do not pose, sit still, smile for the camera or wait for you to get it right. The immediacy of the moment is usually all there is. You either get the shot or you do not. If you get too close, animals will run, or, in the worst case scenario, try to eat you.

It is my hope that by showing these photographs that the viewer will gain a sense of the absolute love, respect and wonder of the natural world that drives my photography.

All of the photographs on this site were taken in the United States and Canada.



The photographs contained in this website are the original work of Larry Gambon. All of the photographs were taken within North America (United States and Canada). In many cases, the location of the subject is noted in the annotations that accompany each photograph.

There are 4 galleries: Landscapes, Animals, Black and White and Other.

The landscape gallery contains photographs of lakes, streams, mountains, valleys, waterfalls and landmarks. All four seasons, summer, fall, winter and spring are represented, though not in any particular order. When shooting landscapes, besides looking for exceptional vistas, I try to give each shot a composition that makes the subject matter speak to the viewer. That seems to work most of the time. A picture may be worth a thousand words but there are times when pictures and words completely fail to convey a landscape. The grandeur of some places are just beyond explanation.

The Animals gallery covers a lot of ground but in reality barely scratches the surface of the animal kingdom. Birds, mammals, fish, bugs and reptiles are represented, but some are more prevalent than others, mainly because I try to shoot what I can get at or, more importantly to me, what I like. I have scuba dived in the past but not as a photographer, so my sea creatures are very few and far between. I do not like bugs, of any kind. You will see bugs in the gallery. Butterflies are cute, so I have 2 shots of Swallowtails. I also have a ladybug, which can be cute, but, when swarming, are downright disgusting. I also have a shot of two Japanese beetles doing the horizontal hula. I definitely do not like them (especially since they were doing their thing on the Basil I was growing) but they survived to live another day. Also have a huge grasshopper from Florida that is actually beautiful in a creepy sort of way. Brrrrrrr!

On the mammal side I have shots of grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, moose, elk, big horned sheep, mountain goats, bison (or American buffalo), prong horned antelope, deer, coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs, ground squirrels and the wolf -wolves.

Birds and raptors including great horned owl, great grey owl, great egret, red tailed hawk, barred owl, Harris hawk, barn owl, a kestrel, a peacock, hummingbirds, what I believe is a chukka, a duck, swan, pelicans, a chickadee (my favorites) and some sort of sparrow.
Reptiles include an alligator, toad or frog and a rattlesnake.

Water loving animals include dolphins, jellyfish and a hammerhead shark (which I have seen in the Atlantic Ocean from a distance of about 4 feet and hope to never, ever see again).

Black & White & Then Some: I love black & white photography. When digital photography entered the mainstream I knew it would have a revolutionary effect on my work. If you just want to use a little color? No problem. Want to tone down the red, or the blue, or green? It is almost done before you know it. There are no holds barred in this gallery and I expect to be putting much more up in the near future.

Other: This is work I cannot categorize. For the time being I am going to be parking there shots that I do not have enough of to dedicate an entire gallery to. Some of the photographs are happy accidents, unexpected results and one of-a-kinds, though some have many similar shots but I am not just so sure if there is an interest in seeing them.

For instance, I have several hundred aircraft photographs stored away. I did an entire series on Nose Art (the art on WWII aircraft). I have been to half a dozen air shows over the past 5 years and taken photographs at every one. I have hundreds of automobile shots. Hundreds of flowers and trees. Ghost towns? Been to a bunch of those. Caves! Been to at least a dozen! And trains! Plenty of old trains. Heck, I could have an entire hummingbird gallery with several hundred shots.

Well, anyway, this whole spiel is a cleverly disguised attempt to get as many keywords on my front page as humanly possible so the search engines might find me. Hope you like what you see. Thanks for stopping by.

_Larry Gambon

All photographs are copyright, Larry Gambon. No photograph may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, republished, manipulated, altered, transmitted, or distributed in any way without Larry Gambon's written permission and a payment of a fee or other arrangement. These images are NOT ROYALTY FREE and are NOT WITHIN the PUBLIC DOMAIN. All photographs are the exclusive intellectual property of Larry Gambon and are protected by U.S. and international copyrights.

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